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Badshah has managed to provide a selection of quality hookahs at an unbeatable price. Tobacco General has a wide selection of Badshah hookahs that prove to be cunning and fashionable through the manifestation of artful intricacy and high quality in composite material. Badshah hookahs provide the consumer with fragments of designs from cultures such as Egypt, India and Turkey.

Tobacco General had synthesized affordable, low prices to suit the consumer’s wants and needs while allowing them to continue experiencing products of great quality from Badshah. Browse for yourself within this rich selection of Badshah hookahs and choose for yourself which most suits your budget, personality and needs.

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  • 2 Chamber Double Hookah Bowl Black - Hookah Accessories
    An ideal replacement for your old Hookah Bowl. This bowl can be used with two different kinds of Hookah Tobacco in order to get some amazing mixtures of scents and flavors!
    List Price: $9.99
    Our price $3.95


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