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CAO LX2 Gordo Cigars Box of 20

CAO LX2 Gordo Cigars Box of 20

CAO LX2 Gordo Cigars Box of 20

List Price: $179.99
Our price $120.42
  • Fujima 56 Gauge Double Blade Cigar Cutter 3 Finger
    Improve your smoking experience with these Stainless Steel Accessories from the word famous Fujima!
  • Three Cigar Ashtray Triangle
    Smoke your fresh cigars with style and comfort. All Ashtrays come with a cigar socket to keep the cigar safe on the tray.
  • Glasstop Mahogany Humidor
    Time to put away those dry, stale cigars, and use this high quality glass-top humidor. Easily fits up to 50 Cigars and comes with a useful divider to keep your stash organized.

Honduran Size: 6 x 60 Double Toro

Introduced in 2008, the brand name stands for "ligero x 2," showcasing the use of ligero leaves from both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua in the filler blend. It's full-bodied.
Nicaraguan Cigars


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