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Captain Black Light Pipe Tobacco 6 Pouches of 1.5 oz.

Captain Black Light Pipe Tobacco 6 Pouches of 1.5 oz.

Captain Black Light Pipe Tobacco 6 Pouches of 1.5 oz.

List Price: $39.99
Our price $32.99
The Number 1 selling pipe tobacco brand in the United States and exported to everywhere from Jamaica to Japan. Captain black's name is synonymous with quality, and its room note is almost universally loved. From the day of its introduction, Captain Black has become a timeless American classic.

Tasting Notes:

Golden Virginias with a touch of mellow Burleys and a hint of Oriental tobaccos.

Tobacco Cut:

Loose cut. (A long, thin ribbon cut, similar to the Bugler cut but slightly thicker. Commonly found in many Captain Black and Lane Bulk blends.)


A mellower variant of Captain Black that results in a smooth, mellow and bite-free smoke.

Aromatic Taste:
Room Note:

Worried about dry tobacco?
No need. Here is a helpful guide to restoring your tobacco to your ideal moisture level.
Courtesy of RSB Tobacco

The above method is not limited to RSB Tobacco Brands, it will work on most pipe tobacco that Tobacco General sells to consumers.

Although this should remedy most "dry tobacco" cases, this is not a gurantee. We encourage our customers to use their discretion in this matter. If the above methods do not work, Tobacco General will try to resolve the issue as per our Return Policy guidelines.
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