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All 16 oz. OHM Pipe Tobacco bags are 15% off until Saturday, August 27th. That's just over 48 hours from the time you receive this email, so you better hurry.

OHM Pipe Tobacco and Filtered Cigars are manufactured by Inter-Continental Trading USA Inc., in Chicago, Illinois. Each bag of tobacco and each filtered cigar is packed full of the finest American-grown tobaccos available. Famous for its bold flavors, this tobacco has a strong aroma and smoke. Each bag is made from a thick, tear-resistant plastic to ensure that your tobacco is as fresh as the day it was packed.

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Limited quantities available, sale ends Wednesday, August 31st. Plenty of time to get this premium cigar classic, including the top selling Blondie and Kuba Kuba.

Acid Premium Cigars are hand made and infused with a variety of flavors to create a unique and memorable smoking experience. With a number of unique lines, these cigars offer incredible flavors to suite a large variety of tastes. With powerhouses like the petite Blondie and the bold Kuba Kuba, Drew Estate has firmly established themselves as the leaders in Premium Cigars.

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