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Social hookah smoking has been a popular tradition in many countries. Smoking hookah is usually considered much safer than smoking cigarette tobacco. Tobacco General carries a wide selection of hookahs, hookah tobaccos and accessories.

Hookah Culture
Smoking hookah is a popular tradition in arabic countries. It also gained popularity in Israel as well as in other regions.
In United States many cities impose indoor smoking bans. Usually hookah businesses can still be allowed but require permits.

Hookah Names
Depending on the region hookah may have many different names. Pakistan and India call it Huqqa, which is the closest to the English word. In the arabic world Hookah may be referred as Shisha, Nargeela or Argeela.
In former Yugoslavia hookahs are called Nargile or Nagile while Shisha is reserved for niacotine free tobacco typically used in hookahs.
In Romani language hookah is called Lula or Lulava, which translates simply as "pipe". Spanish name for hookah is Cachimba, but Narguile is also widely used. Chillim is the name for hookah in Uzbekistan. In Iran the hookah is known as Galyan.


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