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Oliva premium cigars are designed in such a way that allows the smoker to balance his crave for a smoke with a desire to unwind himself from all of the daily stress and attain a state of complete relaxation. The taste of these premium cigars is full-bodied and remarkably smooth, rendering a flavorful and relaxing smoke. Tobacco General accentuates Oliva hand-rolled cigars exclusive quality by promoting an entire lineage of these smoke-viable premium cigars.

Flavors include Cain Daytona Jalapo 550 Robusto, Cain Daytona Jalapo 645T Torpedo, Cain Daytona Jalapo Double Toro, Cain Habano 550, Habano 645T, Cain Habano 660, Cain Maduro 550, Cain Maduro 645T, Connecticut Reserve Toro, Nub Cameroon 460, Nub Connecticut 460, Nub Habano 460, Serie G Aged Cameroon Churchill, Serie G Aged Cameroon Double Robusto, Serie G Aged Cameroon Toro, Serie G Aged Cameroon Torpedo, Serie G Aged Cameroon, Serie O Nicaraguan Habano Churchill, Serie O Nicaraguan Habano Puro Robusto, Serie O Nicaraguan Habano Puro Toro, Serie O Nicaraguan Habano Puro Torpedo, Serie O Nicaraguan Habano Double Robusto, Serie O Nicaraguan Habano Double Toro.

Embark on a journey of enjoyment and pleasure with the first inhalation of your choice of these premium Oliva cigars! Oliva premium cigars are great quality hand-rolled cigars that have satisfactory prices and seize to disappoint even the pickiest customer!

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