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Introducing Backwoods

Introducing Backwoods Cigars to US consumers

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Introduced in 1981 Backwoods cigars now became one of the world’s most popular natural cigars. Their unique blend, style, taste, and aroma has made Backwoods the number one selling cigars in United States.

Backwoods appeared on the market in a 1981 as a quest to perfect a cigar that is non-Cuban and as a result is not higher priced for US smokers. Backwoods Cigars were then launched nationwide by “Altadis USA” and became a choice number one for most of the medium-priced cigars lovers. Of course cigars in general do not contain any non-natural components, but with Backwoods Cigars, you will begin redefining what you call “natural” cigars. Their unique structure and look -"mild and wild" like it’s called, with a frayed end, tapered body and unfinished head, started to have a great appeal to cigar consumers.

Backwoods Cigars style is really a unique blend and look. It is, as you could see, just a simple roll out, speaking of the natural. It feels like smoking a dried tobacco leaves by rolling it and chomping on one end while lighting the other end.

Backwoods cigars are available in several varieties.



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