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Typical Customer Complaints

Order got cancelled suddenly
Typically, we have everything in stock ready to be shipped to you. Sometimes, however, product is out stock for a long period of time or even discontinued by manufacturer. In cases, when we can't guarantee delivery within a reasonable period of time, we cancel the order to be able to refund the money to customer's credit card. Corresponding apology email is sent to the customer, but sometimes it goes to spam or to a wrong email address if misspelled by customer. We believe that it's better to cancel the order rather than hold customer's money for an indefinite period of time.

Bulk pipe tobacco packages are not sealed and look like a fake
This is definitely not a fake product. Most manufacturers don't sell packages with more than 1LB of tobacco. Bulk pipe tobacco is packaged by Tobacco General specialists bigger zip lock bags for customers, who prefer bulk value at an expense of packaging. It usually does not contain typical manufacturer's design and looks odd. If packaging is important, we suggest that you buy 1LB manufacturer's packages for a slightly higher price.

Prices are suspiciously low
This complaint is usually received from premium cigar buyers. We'd like to reassure you that all our products are genuine, fresh and definitely not a scam. Being one of the larger tobacco sellers in the country we're able to sell many products for a surprisingly low prices. Despite the complaints we believe it's a positive experience for our customers. The best thing is to try us and return the product if something's wrong with your order.



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