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Swisher Sweets

Swisher Sweets are filtered cigars, cigarillos, cigars and blunts that are blessed with a very mild, sweet taste that tenders a fulfilling smoke that dares not to disappoint. Proffered at a relatively low price, Swisher Sweets are simply astonishing and set standards for other filtered cigars and cigarillos in their class.

Tobacco General offers a rich list of Swisher Sweets flavored cigars in flavors such as menthol little cigars, peach little cigars and grape little cigars. Tobacco General also offers blunts, cigars and cigarillos. The Swisher Sweets machine rolled cigars come in flavors such as Kings, Perfecto, Slims and Wood Tips. The Swisher Sweets blunts come in only one flavor; regular. The Swisher Sweets cigarillos come in flavors such as Cherry Tip, Coronella, Grape, Grape Mini, Peach, Sweets, Strawberry, Tequila, White Grape and Wine. Whether you are at leisure, break or just seeking to indulge in a wonder-filling smoke, Swisher Sweets are your answer.

Tobacco General always offers great quality and affordable pricing on Swisher Sweets. Buy to try Swisher Sweets now!

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