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Bogey Cigars Strawberry Cream Cigarillos (30 Cigars) 15 Packs of 2

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What happens when you blend the flavors of refreshing strawberry cream with premium cigar tobacco? Pure mouth watering bliss, like fresh strawberry shortcake. Decadently infused with strawberry, this cigarillo delivers an unmatched dessert-like smoking experience.

A Young Money exclusive with Bogey Cigars, these cigarillos are Lil Wayne’s cigar of choice. Small in size, but full in flavor, these cigarillos are engineered to be perfectly mild and smooth with an even draw and burn. Bogey cigarillos feature resealable packaging that keeps your smoke fresh and won’t damage when opening.

These cigarillos are available in 5 delectable flavors: Green Leaf Menthol, Wine Grape, Strawberry Cream, White Grape, and Blueberry. Pick up your Young Money cigarillo today and discover one of life’s finer pleasures – you’ll wonder why you’ve been holding out so long!