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Captain Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco 7 oz. Can

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The Captain Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco is a delightful blend of premium tobacco infused with the essence of ripe cherries. Encased in a 7 oz. can, this pipe tobacco offers a generous amount for multiple smoking sessions. The tobacco is carefully selected and expertly blended to deliver a smooth and flavorful smoke. The cherry infusion adds a pleasant sweetness and fruity aroma to the tobacco, enhancing the overall smoking experience. Whether you are a seasoned pipe smoker or new to the hobby, Captain Black Cherry Pipe Tobacco provides a satisfying and enjoyable journey with every puff. Pack your pipe, light it up, and indulge in the flavorful essence of cherries that will leave a lasting impression.

How can I add moisture back to my tobacco?

In the initial stages of tobacco processing, the leaves are put through re-dryers which remove moisture. Later, during the manufacturing phase, an optimal amount of moisture is reintroduced. What significance does this have for you?

Purchasing drier tobacco is economically beneficial because it means you are obtaining more product for the price you pay. If the humidity level of the tobacco you purchase isn't to your liking, there are numerous methods to adjust it, which you can find discussed in tobacco-related online forums and blogs.

It's recommended to use a water-filled mist or spray bottle, ideally with distilled water, to lightly mist your tobacco once it's back in its pouch. Reseal the pouch and allow it to sit for around one hour. You should be able to discern improvements in the texture and flavor of your tobacco after this period. You can repeat this step to achieve your desired humidity level, but be cautious not to over-moisturize as this can lead to further complications. If the tobacco becomes too wet, spread it out on a paper towel to air dry. You can then resume the rehumidification process if necessary.


The above method will work on most pipe tobacco that Tobacco General sells to consumers. Although this should remedy most "dry tobacco" cases, this is not a guarantee. We encourage our customers to use their discretion in this matter. If the above methods do not work, Tobacco General will try to resolve the issue as per our Return Policy guidelines.