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Casa de Garcia Belicoso Connecticut Cigars Pack of 20

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Dominican Size: 6 x 52 Belicoso

Take into consideration the topic of conversation of the grand olden days. The contemporary head of the family would be sitting on the porch, enjoying the conspicuously orthodox premium cigar as the stretch of his leisure time perseveres. Passer-bys are curious about the cigar he is smoking, as everyone has finally become aware of the embargo on all of the Cuban merchandise that was shipped to the Americas a mere year ago. Jealous and unaware of the fact that Dominican republic is now mass producing premium cigars, these passer-bys hold back their petulancy and strive to find out how this man obtained this premium cigars. Without diving into a complete discourse, they find out that this cigar is the newly-respected Casa De Garcia Belicoso Connecticut Cigar that has been gaining grand popularity as the days dragged by. What makes these Casa De Garcia Belicoso Connecticut Cigars so grand and fine is their Connecticut wrapper, the one that is well constructed to take on a Belicoso shape. With a kind and soothing medium-bodied smoke, the Casa De Garcia Belicoso Connecticut Cigars are definitely underpinned by their Connecticut, Honduran and Dominican fillers to render a wondrous blend. These Casa De Garcia Belicoso Connecticut Cigars are sized in 6X52 dimensions; great for a long-term smoke for the leisure time. Tobacco General is offering very low prices on this impeccable product, so buy now! You won't be disappointed, guaranteed!