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Casa de Garcia Churchill Maduro Cigars Pack of 20

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Dominican Size: 6.5 x 50 Churchill

Some of the premium cigars on the market are designed in such a way that their looks are seemingly appealing; however, once one embarks on an actual journey of smoking them, they begin to experience disappointment. How does the amalgamation of impeccable looks and premium quality sound to you? Rendered by the Casa De Garcia Churchill Maduro Cigars, the concept of the amalgamation of quality and design is satisfied in observance of the impeccable taste, flavor and construction. Designed in an evenly straight shape and swallowed up by the Maduro wrapper, the Casa De Garcia Churchill Maduro Cigars prove that even nowadays, successful quality-design amalgamations still exist. These Casa De Garcia Churchill Maduro Cigars have a Dominican Republic origin; a country utmost respected for its high quality in premium cigar production. These Casa De Garcia Churchill Maduro Cigars proffer a medium-bodied smoke, especially suitable for smokers that aren't too fanatical of strong-hitting cigars. Their dimensions are measured by 6.5X50, a great size for a long-lasting smoke. Tobacco General offers a very low price on these Casa De Garcia Churchill Maduro Cigars, while ensuring that they are very high in quality. Once again, allow yourself to experience a truly elite cigar that renders an amalgamation of high quality tobacco and construction with a beautified design. Try these cigars now!