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Cuban Rejects Toro Natural Cigars Box of 50

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Nicaraguan Size: 6 x 54 Toro

Certain smokers never learn to experience and derive the true ecstasy of emotions that can be induced by the smoking of a premium cigar. They never learn because they resort to smoking cheap cigars and cigarettes, when in the end the only matter they scrutinize and put their attention to is the nicotine addiction of which they must rid themselves. Don't fall victim to contemporary tobacco smoking before you fall victim to the ecstasy that it may bring upon you. One such example of a premium cigar that releases the utmost positive emotions in the smoker belongs to the Cuban Rejects Toro Natural Cigars. You can't do yourself wrong in deciding to buy these exquisite premium cigars! These Toro shaped, wrapped in a natural wrapper cigars have nothing left but to impress the smoker. With a pleasant aroma, they are responsible for setting the standards for tobacco smoking. The Cuban Rejects Toro Natural Cigars have 6”X50 dimensions. Perfect for any hand texture and lip texture, these Cuban Rejects Toro Natural Cigars will never disappoint you! Tobacco General is offering very low prices on these Cuban Rejects Toro Natural Cigars, even though they are world class! Try them now!