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Cuban Rounds Torpedo Maduro Cigars Pack of 20

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Nicaraguan Size: 6 x 52 Torpedo

People smoke all kinds of tobacco, but the question lies in whether or not they have understood the true meaning behind smoking. They must ask themselves, “What is it that I am exactly looking for from my tobacco smoking experience?” These smokers are most likely questioning themselves in such a manner due in part to the fact that they don't understand what a true tobacco smoking experience should be like. We guarantee that these smokers don't understand the premium cigar experience and should prepare to experience it for themselves. The best example of a great cigar that should answer their question should be the exemplary Cuban Rounds Torpedo Maduro Cigar. What sets this premium cigar apart from other tobacco related products is its intricate Torpedo design that makes it appear fashionable and higher in class. As you light each Cuban Rounds Torpedo Maduro Cigar, you harness your lips as if you're preparing them for a roller coaster ride. These Cuban Rounds Torpedo Maduro Cigars are very similar to a roller coaster ride as opposed to any other tobacco products you have tried before! Those other products are still at ground level as you take off! Such a mild, lip-caressing smoke simply cannot dissatisfy you! It can't be compared to anything else, simply stated! The Maduro wrapper that engulfs the cigar is simply state-of-the-art and the stitching is cutting-edge. Open up the box and see for yourself! Reinforced by their 6”X52 dimensions, these Cuban Rounds Torpedo Maduro Cigars are downright habit forming! Tobacco General is offering ultra low prices on their Cuban Rounds Torpedo Maduro Cigars, but the quality remains soaring high like the roller coaster! Try for yourself!