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Cuban Rounds Torpedo Natural Cigars Box of 40

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Nicaraguan Size: 6 x 52 Torpedo

You've heard about premium import cigars from Cuba, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. You've probably spent money on them too and had a blast at leisure with a cigar in your hand, attracting a crowd. Now it is time to switch up and try something new. Have you ever considered buying a cigar from a production company based in Nicaragua? Your consideration can take you on a long journey through a variety of flavors! Such a Nicaraguan based cigars are produced by Cuban Rounds. Each Cuban Round cigar is handmade with a short filler blend made of 100% Cuban-seed tobaccos and bound by peppery binder and a medium-brown EMS wrapper. What else could you ask for when considering this recipe of sumptuous flavor and impeccable aroma? Each Cuban Rounds Torpedo Natural Cigar, when lit, caresses your senses with a medium to full bodied smoke that is downright satisfying under any conditions! With 6”X52 dimensions, each Cuban Rounds Torpedo Natural Cigar is 100% Nicaraguan made and is guaranteed not to disappoint you! Tobacco General is offering very low prices on these Nicaraguan Cuban Rounds Torpedo Natural Cigars in order to satisfy each premium cigar smoker to the maximum! The quality is extremely high and will soon turn many premium cigar fanatics to the ultimate Nicaraguan brand- the Cuban Rounds. Try them for yourself!