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Don Diego Churchill Cigars Box of 27

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Dominican Size: 7 x 54 Churchill

Well-known for its mild-to-medium-bodied taste, Don Diego cigars are popular thanks to their consistency of construction, accessible strength and good value.

Fuerte means "strong." And the new Don Diego Fuerte by Omar Ortez certainly packs a wallop. About as subtle as a heavyweight boxer, the Don Diego Fuerte is highlighted by a select Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper surrounding a superb Nicaraguan binder and powerful blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos.

The new Fuerte, created in Nicaragua by cigar master Omar Ortez, is the brand's first venture into robust, fuller-bodied smokes.

It's a slow, sunny evening and you're beginning to experience hints of boredom. As the breeze is brushing through your hair, you begin to contemplate about what actions you shall take to conquer boredom and fulfill your evening wonders. You're contemplating about smoking a premium cigar and all of the wonders its gently blessed aroma can bring upon you. You're in no rush, so you choose the Don Diego Churchill Cigar to occupy you on this wondrous, sunny evening. You're choice cannot be any more righteous and rewarding! With a flavor so soothingly smooth and an aroma so silky, your boredom would be conquered with gentle ease. These Don Diego Churchill Cigars are quite a wonder-filled mellow smoke that render a resilient, yet consistent burn once ignited. Synthesized with a Dominican and a Brazilian tobacco commingle, each Don Diego Churchill Cigar is engulfed in smooth U.S. Connecticut wrappers that are gentle to the touch. Since you're in no rush, allow yourself to sit back as you press your lips against the Don Diego Churchill Cigar firmly. Ignite it and take a gentle drag out of it; as you feel the warmth of the smoke soothe your throat, close your eyes and imagine as if you are enjoying a day at the beach. Each Don Diego Churchill Cigar is 7X54 in size and is a perfect match for your fingers and lips, guaranteed! Buy them now under these extreme Tobacco General discounts, and you'll understand how a low price can merge with a high quality product! Try them now!