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Game Cigarillos Foil Iced Donut 2 for 1.29 Pre-Priced 30 Packs of 2

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Game Cigarillos Foil Iced Donut are a delectable choice for those seeking a sweet and unique smoking experience. Each cigarillo package offers a tempting deal, with 2 cigarillos available for a pre-priced $1.29, providing a cost-effective option for customers. When you purchase this product, you receive a package that includes 30 packs, and each pack contains 2 cigarillos, resulting in a total of 60 cigarillos in the entire package. The "Foil Iced Donut" flavor infuses a sweet and dessert-like quality into your smoking experience. These cigarillos are designed to provide a flavorful and enjoyable option for those who appreciate the taste of sweet and unique tobacco products, reminiscent of iced donuts.