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Havana Leaf Tobacco Wraps Russian Cream 8 packs of 5

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Havana Leaf Tobacco Wraps Russian Cream are high-quality tobacco wraps that provide an enjoyable smoking experience. The product comes in a pack of 8, with each pack containing 5 individual tobacco wraps. This ensures you have an ample supply for multiple smoking sessions.

The wraps are made from premium tobacco leaves, selected for their quality and flavor. Havana Leaf Tobacco Wraps Russian Cream offers a unique and indulgent flavor experience. The Russian Cream flavor is known for its smooth, creamy, and slightly sweet taste, reminiscent of traditional Russian cream desserts.

The tobacco wraps are designed for easy use. They can be conveniently filled with your preferred tobacco or smoking blend, allowing you to customize your smoking experience to your liking. The wraps are crafted to mimic the texture and feel of hand-rolled cigars. This provides a more authentic smoking experience as if you were rolling your own cigars or cigarettes. The wraps are durable and constructed to ensure a consistent burn rate and minimal wastage.