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Jungle Drip Natural Pre-Cut Leaf Wraps 10 Pouches of 5

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Introducing Jungle Drip Natural Pre-Cut Leaf Wraps, a wild and adventurous choice for tobacco enthusiasts. Each package includes 10 pouches, and each pouch contains 5 expertly pre-cut leaf wraps, offering a total of 50 wraps for your smoking pleasure. Crafted from natural leaves, these wraps provide an authentic and unfiltered smoking experience, allowing you to savor the true essence of the tobacco. With their convenient pre-cut design, rolling your perfect cigar becomes effortless and enjoyable. Embrace the untamed and earthy vibes of Jungle Drip Natural Pre-Cut Leaf Wraps as you embark on a journey of pure and unadulterated smoking pleasure. Let the natural flavor of the leaves enhance your smoking experience and indulge in the wild essence of these exceptional wraps.