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Montecristo Connoisseur Edition Collection Sampler Box of 8

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Motecristo Connoisseur Edition Collection Sampler Box of 8

Montecristo New York Edition (60 x 6)

New York, the most famous and exciting place in the world. Now the inspiration for a cigar of equal distinction The Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition. This very special Montecristo, blended at the renowned Tabacalera de Garcia, is box pressed and finished with a gorgeous Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The unique blend of premium tobaccos makes for a luxurious smoke that is rich, complex and deeply satisfying.

The cigars are a packaged in a box that's just as attractive as the cigars. Sleek and contemporary, the glossy black cigar box is highlighted with an artful outline of the famous New York City skyline.

Montecristo New York offers the true connoisseur a captivating cigar of unparalleled sophistication, but it's only available in New York City, so you'll have to plan a trip to experience this one-of-a-kind cigar.
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Dominican

Montecristo Texas Edition (60 x 6)

In the Lone Star State, a new star is born. Montecristo, the most famous and best-loved premium cigar in the world pays homage to Texas with the Montecristo Texas Connoisseur Edition.

The most skilled torcedores in the factory lovingly craft these specially aged and hand-selected tobacco leaves. The unique blend creates the perfect balance of aroma, flavor and strength that connoisseurs will instantly appreciate. Experience a beautifully made and elaborately blended cigar that smokes with intense, yet subtle, complexities.

The cigars are packaged in a box as fine as the cigars themselves. Made of rich, dark wood and covered in fine leather, the boxs classic shape is highlighted with the proud image of a lone star.

Montecristo Texas offers connoisseurs a cigar as bold and unique as the state itself.
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominican

Montecristo Las Vegas Edition (54 x 6)

The city of Las Vegas turns on its lights to welcome the Montecristo Las Vegas Connoisseur Edition. The first Montecristo created exclusively for the only city in the world where life is a show.

This excellent Montecristo is filled with the finest Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos and wrapped in a fantastic San Andres Criollo wrapper. The delicious blend of premium tobaccos creates a bold, earthy smoke with notes of coffee and chocolate.

The cigars come packaged in a box that captures all the excitement of a night on the Vegas Strip. The sleek, modern box features a shimmering vision of Las Vegas written out in shining lights.

Montecristo Las Vegas offers true cigar connoisseurs a flavorful and captivating experience.
Wrapper: San Andres Criollo Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Dominican

Montecristo Chicago Edition (50 x 6)

Chicago now moves to a new rhythm. The new Montecristo Chicago Connoisseur Edition, the first and only Montecristo cigar handcrafted exclusively to honor the Windy City.

This exclusive Montecristo is filled with the finest Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos and finished with a beautiful Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. Specially blended with premium tobaccos, this exquisite cigar is stunning and distinct with a hint of coffee, nuts and a rich savory undertone.

Encasing these beautiful cigars is a gorgeous box boasting clean black lines and rounded curves that celebrates Chicagos rich jazz heritage with a sophisticated golden trumpet.

Montecristo Chicago offers true connoisseurs a cigar as vibrant as the Windy City itself.
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Dominican