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Rocky Patel 1992 Vintage Toro Cigars Pack of 25

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Honduran Size: 6.5 x 52 Toro

New cars come out every year, and the prices range from small to great depending on the model and make of the car. Whether you buy yourself a cheaper and more economical Toyota or a more expensive and luxurious Mercedes Benz or Bentley depends on the interests and demands of your brain and the capabilities of your wallet. Same concept can be applied to the concept of Rocky Patel premium cigars versus the cheaper on demand convenience store cigars. One such example is given to the Rocky Patel Aged 10 Years Toro Cigars. Premium and high in quality, their construction is designed to suit a tobacco smoker which is looking for a calmer and longer experience out of their smoke versus the always on the run cigar or cigarette smoker. Allow yourself to understand what the deal is all about. When you ignite your Rocky Patel Aged 10 Years Toro Cigar, immerse your conscious mind in your first inhalation and perceive it through your taste buds and olfactory. The first flavor that should hit your senses is that of a roasted espresso. Followed by sweet spices and hints of cedar and nuts the burn of the Rocky Patel Aged 10 Years Toro Cigar continues to be steady and consistent with every inhalation. The blend of Nicaraguan long fillers proffers a very well balanced smoke that will cease to disappoint even the most fastidious and picky smokers. Each of these Rocky Patel Aged 10 Years Toro Cigars assumes 6.5x52 dimensions; the cigar in itself is very comfortable for the hand and will create a lot of peace to suit your imagination in the understanding of a perfect smoke. Tobacco General is offering these Rocky Patel Aged 10 Years Toro Cigars at a very low price that s worth buying. Remember, however, the quality remains soaring high and you will not be disappointed! See for yourself!