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Rocky Patel 1992 Vintage Torpedo Cigars Box of 20

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Honduran Size: 6.25 x 52 Torpedo

Today's excursions tend to take place on a cruise or a boat often times, and are designed to show the tourists a specific city from the waters of the stretch of the waters while soothing them with a high quality dinner. Other times, one may enjoy taking a boat out and seeing what is around him by himself. In this case, a lot of rowing and relaxing takes place as the person continues to explore the waters. But how do you conquer extreme boredom? Let's say you rowed your boat to an area that allows you to see the horizon, but no land in sight? You're tired and you wish to relax and take in the nature's sounds; the sound of the wind and the rushing of the nearby waves. In this case, your best friend has to be a Rocky Patel Aged 10 Years Torpedo Cigar. Conquer your tiredness and boredom with a match and a cigar at hand and you bring them together and begin your boredom-conquering journey. Allow your senses to take in the warm swathing of the roasting espresso flavors followed by hints of cedar and nuts with a gist of a sweet spice. By this time, your full attention thrives in the comprehension of these magical flavors and your focus becomes deviated away from your immediate boredom. At this time, you decide to take the time and examine each of your Rocky Patel Aged 10 Years Torpedo Cigars as you take them out of the box one by one. The first thing you notice is the handiness and easiness in the handling due to their 6.25x52 dimensions that are rather engaging; not too large and not too miniature. You seem to understand that everything about these Rocky Patel Aged 10 Years Torpedo Cigars is just right- from the full bodied smoke to the excellent balance. As you decide to turn back to the shores, you realize that your boredom is entirely gone and a smile is glistering on your face. Thanks to you, Tobacco General decided to put a very low price on these Rocky Patel Aged 10 Years Torpedo Cigars in order to satisfy the always demanding consumer. The quality always remains soaring high and the price becomes low- what seems as a paradox is actually conveyed by the highly caring team at Tobacco General. Buy these Rocky Patel Aged 10 Years Torpedo Cigars now!