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Rocky Patel 1999 Vintage Robustos Cigars Box of 20

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Honduran Size: 5.5 x 50 Robusto

A person's senses enjoy pleasure as much as the person does himself. If the person chooses to spend time and money for recreational purposes to make the brain happy, then he or she should get the same pleasure from satisfying their own senses equally. Imagine the soothing sensation a Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Robustos Cigars would provide for your senses. From the moment you ignite it to the moment you inhale, close your eyes and allow the Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Robustos Cigars to embrace your senses to their full extent. These Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Robustos Cigars provide you with a soothingly smooth creamy hint of cedar with a creamy finish. What could treat your senses better than an experience provided by these cigars? They'll peak your interests as your taste buds and sense of smell are simultaneously aroused and begin to reside in a perfect harmony. To make it even better, Tobacco General has dropped the price to ensure optimum consumer satisfaction. See for yourself! These handmade Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Robustos Cigars are offered in a box of 20 where each cigar assumes dimensions of 5.5x50. Rocky Patel manufacturers believe that aging allows the flavor to fully develop and envelop the entire composure of the cigar; from the wrapper to its comprising commingle of filler tobaccos. In this listing, the Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Robustos Cigars have been preserved for seven long years, and offer the best of the best in their class. Tobacco General believes in consistently low prices and a consistent burn of high quality that is proffered by a greatly constructed cigar. Allow your senses to embark on a journey of limitless ecstasy as you take puff after puff of this hand made goodness.