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Rocky Patel 1999 Vintage Toro Cigars Pack of 25

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Honduran Size: 6.5 x 52 Toro

Experiencing a good, high quality premium cigar is similar to driving an expensive car. The taste and the flavor are similar when it comes to how much pleasure the brain of the "driver" and "smoker" is retrieving from their experience. Every different item that is sold, whether it is a car, tobacco product, house or clothing has its ultimate highs and lows. Those that are in the category of the ultimate low are responsible for being comprised of lower quality material that is generally less flashy, doesn't fit the taste as well and doesn't last long. Like a house and a car, the tobacco market is home to many different products. One such product is the Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Toro Cigars. Offered in a pack of 25, each of these Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Toro Cigars are located on the illustrious side of the spectrum of the tobacco market because they are renowned premium cigars. What makes them so high in quality is the experience and the burn. A smoking experience of cedar flavors is tendered by an overall consistent and smooth burn that won't disappoint. Not only do these Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Toro Cigars last longer than other cigar products, they provide the smoker with an overall longer and better smoking experience. You can see for yourself. This Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Toro Cigars Pack of 25 listing contains 25 hand made cigars which are all finished in a soothingly smooth manner and assume dimensions of 6.5x52 each. Tobacco General has cut the price down on this listing of Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Toro Cigars Pack of 25 in order to offer the best experience for a much lower cost. Such a low price makes it all sound better once the smoker caresses his Rocky Patel Aged 7 Years Toro Cigar with his lips, igniting it and inhaling the flavor and smoke. Try and see for yourself; you will not be disappointed!