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Wild Hemp Purpz Pre-Rolled Filter Wraps 99c Pre-Priced 20 Pouches of 4

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Wild Hemp Purpz Pre-Rolled Filter Wraps are pre-priced filter wraps that offer a convenient and flavorful option for users who prefer pre-rolled products. Each package contains 20 pouches, with each pouch containing 4 filter wraps, totaling 80 filter wraps in a package. These filter wraps are infused with the grape flavor, which provides a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. The Purpz flavor offers a combination of fruity and sweet notes, adding a delightful twist to your smoking sessions. Crafted with attention to detail, Wild Hemp Purpz Pre-Rolled Filter Wraps are made using high-quality materials and undergo a precise manufacturing process. The filters are designed to deliver a smooth and satisfying smoking experience while reducing harshness and unwanted particles. Priced at 99 cents, these pre-rolled filter wraps offer an affordable option for users. The pre-pricing simplifies the purchase process, eliminating the need for additional calculations or adjustments. Wild Hemp Purpz Pre-Rolled Filter Wraps are compatible with most standard-sized rolling papers, making them versatile and suitable for various smoking preferences. Whether you're rolling cigarettes or joints, these filter wraps provide convenience and a burst of flavor.