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Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest Cigar Blends That Are Worth Your Attention

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Golden Harvest cigars have developed into one of the most popular cigar brands globally, thanks to their great taste and classic, old-fashioned packaging. We will present you with a list of our favorite Golden Harvest tobacco flavors. We'll also take you through what makes Golden Harvest cigars so special and why they appeal to both novice smokers and cigar aficionados alike.

About the Brand

Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars are among the most popular filtered cigars in the United States, made using an all-American premium blend of flue-cured tobaccos from North Carolina known as "bright leaf." These cigars, which come in a 3 7/8 x 20 size, pack a lot of flavor in a compact package. The carefully aged tobacco provides a delightful smoking experience, while the homogenized wrappers offer the smoke a mild taste and aroma.

If you're wondering who makes Golden Harvest tobacco products, Rouseco Inc., based in Kinston, North Carolina. These machine-made cigars offer a great smoking experience, whether it's with a meal or a drink at the end of a long day, thanks to their even construction and smooth draw. By removing any stray tobacco flakes, the built-in filters ensure full flavor. These filtered cigars are popular among cigar smokers because of their wide range of flavors that appeal to various tastes.

Golden Harvest Tobacco Flavors

Which is the right choice for you? While Golden Harvest Cigars come in a wide variety of flavors, they're not all created equal. Some blends are best left to seasoned smokers; others may be right for those who prefer a mild-bodied flavor, for example, the Golden Harvest blue tobacco. Here is the complete list of Golden Harvest cigar flavors that you can choose from:

  • Blackberry
  • Cherry
  • Full Flavor
  • Grape
  • Light
  • Menthol
  • Mild
  • Mint
  • Natural
  • Robust
  • Silver
  • Sweet
  • Vanilla


Some of the most premium blends include the 'robust tobacco', which has a strong kick to it. Another great blend is the mild pipe tobacco blend, intended for people new to smoking. Those who enjoy a flavorful smoke can opt for the mint blend. Nevertheless, all of them promise satisfying smoking.

Final Verdict

Compared to other tobacco brands in the United States, Golden Harvest offers products on the cheaper end of the spectrum. However, this does not mean that there is any compromise on quality. The brand is known for its flavorful blends, with filtered cigars, filter tubes, and pipe tobacco. Thus, it is definitely a brand worth trying.

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