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Zippo lighters are designed for those that refuse to fiddle with 99 cent lighters that last a very short time; A Zippo lighter is for those seeking something top notch, good looking, long lasting and easy to use. Whether to add to your antique collection or to please a friend or a loved one with a gift, Zippo will not disappoint under any circumstances.

Tobacco General offers a very wide selection of designs for Zippo lighters. Zippo includes collection designs of the following: army, black ice, brewers, brush fin, carbon fiber, Chicago, eagle/star, EMB anchor, EMB marine, Fin Sld Brss, Gold Dust, H252 Harley, Mazzi Freedom Watch, Playboy Pink, Princess, Shamrock, Patriotic, Statue of Liberty, US marines, US navy, Zippo Zippo Zippo Zippo, Zip Guard, Beer Is Yummy, Bob Marley, Bracelet, Four of a kind, Buddha, Celtic, Crown and Cross, Cut Glass, Love, elvis, elvis Alfred werthe, lighter elvis, gold scroll, golden butterfly, green lizard, heart to heart, hidden, legs in boots, love flower, lucky ace, MLB white sox, Paisley, patriotic edition blue eagle, patriotic edition US army, Patriotic edition Zippo Lighter, Pboy bunny w/ pink, playboy bunny heart, proud to be a veteran, Queen, rolling stones, slim brass venetian, slim venetian, Sx Pck, Wings Of Destiny, Lighter Wolf, Y&Y, Zippo Ace, Zodiac Aquarius, Zodiac Aries, Zodiac Cancer, Zodiac Capricorn, Zodiac Gemini, Zodiac Leo, Zodiac Libra, Zodiac Pisces, Zodiac Sagittarius, Zodiac Scorpio, Zodiac Taurus and Zodiac Virgo. With such a rich nomenclature of Zippo lighters, not one single consumer must be dissatisfied when comparison between Zippo and other lighters is shed spotlight on.

Tobacco General offers great prices on all Zippo lighters while offering a guarantee of great quality.

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  • Zippo Wicks 24 Packs of 1 - Cigar Accessories
    Zippo has always been known as the leader in Lighters and accessories. Now its your chance to try a genuine Zippo Flint or Wick and see the difference.
    List Price: $29.99
    Our price $11.95


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