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  • Powermatic 2 Plus Electric Tube Injector Machine - Rolling Machines
    Powermatic 2 The most popular and extremely reliable electronic cigarette injector on the market! The Powermatic II has been re-engineered to increase motor speed and improve gear quality, the result being much more power with fewer jams. For years, the Powermatic II has delivered top quality cigarette production to thousands of homes. It features a titanium plated blade for accurate tobacco cutting and compression. Its spoon-style injector delivers consistent, true smoking cigarettes every time. And unlike most competitors models, the Powermatic II can be used to produce both king size and 100mm sized cigarettes. The Powermatic II is incredibly easy to use to roll tobacco into individual cigarettes.
    List Price: $129.99
    Our price $80.99
  • Powermatic 4 Electric Tube Injector Machine - Rolling Machines
    The Powermatic 4 is just as durable and reliable as all the others before it. Due to bigger hopper, you can now fill it with enough tobacco to make more cigarettes without refilling, saving you more time than ever before!The Powermatic 4 features a high-precision aluminum alloy frame and titanium plated compressor. So if you’re looking for speed and durability, then this electric cigarette making machine is a must-have!
    List Price: $129.99
    Our price $79.99
  • Powermatic Mini Manual Injector Machine - Rolling Machines
    The Powermatic Mini Manual Injector Machine is the smallest version in the Powermatic lineup. It's portable and easy to take with you on the go thanks to its compact size. It is the perfect injector machine to compliment your electric or table top model that you already have. Powermatic mini is suitable for king size and 100mm filter tubes. Great quality and reliability makes this injector machine stand out from the crowd that Powermatic has become so well known for. Available in black and white colors. Colors may vary. No color choice available.
    List Price: $49.99
    Our price $16.99


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